Jobs in Portugal

Jobs in Portugal

For foreigners

Are you looking for work in Portugal? Find new employment opportunities in Portuguese cities, companies, and many roles and categories.

There’s no need to look for more! Start working today.

Here, you can find the best opportunities for your next career move!

Remote work

Remote work

Want to perform from home? We’ve got you covered.

Lisbon jobs

Lisbon jobs

The main country city is a strong epicenter of opportunities.

IT jobs

IT jobs

High-tech companies can be the next step in your career.



Want to work at your own pace and timetable? Don’t miss these offers.

Experience in speaking English and several other languages, like German and French language, for vila and cities like Lisboa, Porto, Faro, Braga, Aveiro. Global categories with more offers: service, management, assistance, support service, social services, market experience, office manager, contact skills, website roles and more!

Living in Portugal is better

Learn why Portugal is one of the best places to live in the world. High quality of life, a safe environment, friendly people, excellent weather, many people speaking English, and more!

living in portugal

How can I apply for jobs in Portugal?

Whether you are a European or non-European Union citizen, please get to know in detail your working requirements in this country. Learn easily with us what is required of your status for this purpose.

jobs in portugal for EU citizens

EU citizens

Portugal is a member of the European Union (EU), so for EU citizens, it is easier to live and work in Portugal. Know what is required.

jobs in portugal for non EU citizens

Non EU citizens

If you are not a citizen of the European Union, you will need to fulfill more working permission requirements. Let us help you along the way.

Portugal needs workers

Portugal needs workers.

What offers are available?

High demand in agriculture, construction, tourism, the hotel and restaurant sectors, call and support centers, the metallurgical industries, health, and information and communications technologies.

How can we help you? Whether you just arrived in Portugal, are already living here for a while, or are just passing by and wondering how you could be employed in this beautiful country, we can help you achieve that goal. Talk with us.

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