Hotel jobs in Lisbon Portugal: Altis is hiring Housekeepers, Receptionists and more

Hotel jobs in Lisbon Portugal

The Altis Hotels has Hotel jobs in Lisbon Portugal offers, available in three hotels and two self-catering apartment hotels in Lisbon, with unique features at key locations in the city. You can choose between staying near the Lisbon airport, the central business district or the downtown area in the historical city center the so called Baixa, (perhaps) even head towards the Belém neighbourhood with amazing views of both banks of the river Tagus.

Accommodation in Lisbon, 4 and 5 star Luxury Hotels

At the Altis Hotels you will find a place to stay in Lisbon that suits all of your needs, from classic to superior and deluxe rooms, all fully furnished with modern leisure and business facilities and some of the most advanced technological equipment. We provide spacious suites with contemporary decoration in a sophisticated and comfortable environment including balconies that offer astonishing panoramic views over Lisbon.

A self-catering Apartments in Lisbon

For short term rentals or even longer stays, to enjoy your family holidays or when travelling for business, the Altis Prime and Altis Suites offer functional, cozy and stylish serviced/self-catering apartments with several living areas, lounges, bedrooms and fully equipped kitchenettes so that you can feel right at home.

Available services at the hotels and self-catering apartments

Together with the comfort of our rooms and apartments, the Altis Hotels offers a personalized service, attentive to your every need by employing constantly motivated personnel to turn your stay into an unforgettable and complete wholesome experience.

Hotel jobs in Lisbon Portugal: Altis is hiring

With 50 years of existence, the Altis Hotels Group currently has 5 hotel units in Lisbon, continually investing in the talent of our employees. We have strong, innovative and dynamic teams who, through their dedication and professionalism, ensure that each client has an unforgettable experience in our hotels, providing an excellent service.

Discover all the vacancies available at the Altis Hotels Group and send your updated CV. Come be part of a successful and growing team.

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We are looking for:

  • Guest Service Ambassador
  • Receptionists
  • Housekeepers
  • Waiters
  • Bar staff
  • Luggage racks / Trintanaries
  • Floor maid(s)
  • Cooks
  • Junior IT Technician M/F

Bring your talent to our project at these Hotel jobs in Lisbon Portugal!

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Housekeepers at Altis Hotel in Lisbon

Housekeepers at Altis Hotel in Lisbon play a crucial role in maintaining the hotel’s reputation for cleanliness and comfort. Their primary responsibilities include ensuring that guest rooms, public areas, and back-of-house spaces are impeccably clean and well-maintained. This contributes significantly to the overall guest experience, providing a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Hotel jobs in Lisbon Portugal: Altis is hiring

Housekeepers at Altis Hotel are tasked with a variety of duties, such as making beds, changing linens, vacuuming, dusting, and sanitizing bathrooms. They also replenish amenities like toiletries, towels, and minibars. Attention to detail is paramount in this role, as housekeepers must ensure that every room meets the hotel’s high standards of cleanliness and presentation.

In addition to routine cleaning tasks, housekeepers are responsible for reporting any maintenance issues or damages to the appropriate department to ensure they are addressed promptly. This helps maintain the hotel’s facilities in top condition and prevents any potential inconvenience to guests.

Housekeeping positions at Altis Hotel require a strong work ethic, efficiency, and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team. Physical stamina is also important, as the job involves considerable standing, bending, and lifting.

The hotel values its housekeeping staff and often provides opportunities for training and career advancement within the organization. This can lead to supervisory roles or specialized positions within the housekeeping department.

Working as a housekeeper at Altis Hotel offers a rewarding opportunity to be part of a respected and prestigious hospitality team in one of Lisbon’s finest hotels, ensuring guests have a pleasant and memorable stay.

Hotel jobs in Lisbon Portugal: working in Altis

Altis Hotel, located in the heart of Lisbon, is a prestigious establishment in Portugal’s hospitality sector. Known for its exceptional service and luxurious accommodations, the hotel offers a variety of job opportunities, attracting skilled and dedicated professionals across multiple departments.

The Hotel jobs in Lisbon Portugal at Altis Hotel are diverse, spanning from front desk positions to event management, culinary arts, housekeeping, maintenance, and administrative services. Each role requires specific skills and offers opportunities for professional and personal growth.

At the front desk, for instance, employees are responsible for welcoming guests, managing reservations, and providing tourist information, ensuring a memorable stay for every visitor. These positions demand excellent communication skills, fluency in multiple languages, and a friendly yet professional demeanor.

In the culinary department, chefs and kitchen staff work together to create exquisite dishes that reflect both local and international cuisines. These roles require creativity, attention to detail, and a strong commitment to quality and hygiene standards.

Housekeeping staff ensure that all rooms and public areas are impeccably clean and well-maintained, providing guests with a comfortable and pleasant environment. This role requires efficiency, an eye for detail, and a strong work ethic.

The maintenance team is tasked with keeping the hotel’s facilities in top condition, addressing any technical issues promptly and effectively. This requires a good understanding of various systems and a proactive approach to problem-solving.

Overall, Hotel jobs in Lisbon Portugal at Altis Hotel offers a dynamic and rewarding environment where employees can develop their careers within a respected and esteemed institution in Lisbon’s vibrant hospitality industry.

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