Remote jobs Google: RWS Group is hiring a search engine and AI model evaluator

Remote jobs Google

Looking for a Flexible Work-From-Home Opportunity in Portugal? We have Remote jobs Google opportunities. Become a Search Engine Evaluator for AI Models!

RWS Group is seeking detail-oriented and tech-savvy individuals in Portugal to join their growing team of Search Engine Evaluators for AI Models. These remote jobs Google are a fantastic opportunity to work remotely from the comfort of your home, set your own schedule, and contribute to the development of cutting-edge technology!

Remote jobs Google: RWS Group is hiring

What You’ll Do:

  • As a Search Engine Evaluator, you’ll play a crucial role in shaping the future of search engines and AI models.
  • You’ll be presented with specific search queries and tasked with evaluating the relevance and usefulness of the corresponding results.
  • Your keen eye will help identify low-quality content that could hinder user experience.
  • Image recognition skills come in handy too! You’ll assess the accuracy and appropriateness of image search results.

What We’re Looking For these remote jobs Google:

  • Native-level fluency in Portuguese (Portugal) is essential for clear communication and comprehension of instructions.
  • Strong English language skills are also a requirement, as you’ll be following guidelines and instructions provided in English.
  • A meticulous and detail-oriented approach is key to ensuring the accuracy of your evaluations.
  • The ability to meet deadlines and maintain a reliable work ethic is crucial.
  • Excellent communication skills will allow you to effectively report on your findings.

Tech Requirements:

  • High-speed internet access is a must for smooth operation.
  • You’ll need a personal computer running the latest version of Google Chrome.
  • Windows or Mac OS X operating system is required.
  • An active email address (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) is necessary for communication.

The Perks of Joining Us:

  • Embrace the ultimate work-life balance by working from home with a flexible schedule that suits your needs.
  • Earn extra income on the side, allowing you to pursue your passions or save for future goals.
  • Receive timely payments directly deposited into your PayPal or bank account.
  • Unlocking additional opportunities awaits! By joining our vibrant SmartSource AI Community, you’ll gain access to exclusive job openings.

Ready to Apply remote jobs Google?

These remote jobs Google exciting opportunities are open to applicants residing anywhere within Portugal! Don’t miss out – head over to and submit your application today!

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RWS Group: Shaping the Future of Language and Technology

RWS Group, a global leader in language services, is at the forefront of innovation. They provide a comprehensive suite of solutions for businesses seeking to operate internationally.

Translation and Localization Expertise:

RWS offers a robust range of translation services, ensuring your content resonates across languages and cultures. Their expertise extends to localization, adapting your message to specific markets for maximum impact.

Powering AI with Human Intelligence:

RWS goes beyond traditional translation. Their innovative TrainAI platform leverages human intelligence to train and refine AI models. One example is the Search Engine Evaluator for AI Models role, where individuals contribute to the development of powerful search algorithms.

Join the SmartSource AI Community:

By participating in RWS’s TrainAI initiatives, you gain access to the vibrant SmartSource AI Community. This network connects you with like-minded individuals and unlocks exclusive job opportunities within the realm of AI development.

Embrace a World of Opportunity:

RWS empowers businesses to reach new audiences and individuals to contribute to cutting-edge technology. Visit their website at to explore their comprehensive language solutions and discover how you can be part of the future with TrainAI (link removed as per your request).

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