Jobs in Portugal teaching english – United Lisbon has 3 job offers available

Jobs in Portugal teaching english

United Lisbon International School has jobs in Portugal teaching english. People matter: Exemplary education builds on positive relationships and learning communities that engage students in a variety of both academical and personal learning processes. The role of teachers to guide student learning has transformed significantly throughout the last decades towards a varied, collaborative and holistic approach focused on formative and constructivist learning processes. Technology offers new ways to enrich and personalize learning, and seamlessly extend the classroom.

United Lisbon is a modern and innovative international school where tomorrow matters; a school providing education inspired by and fit for the 21st century – and beyond; an education founded on rigorous standards of excellence, seamlessly integrating technology into the learning environment. We want our students to embrace the opportunities created in tomorrow’s world. We live the United philosophy: co-creating a learning ecosystem that bridges generations, disciplines and cultures; perpetual innovation in education; and the purpose of an equitable and sustainable world.

You will thrive being part of the United Lisbon team if:

  • you believe that real team-work leads to better outcomes than just individuals working side-by-side;
  • you believe in rigorous standards of international education being fostered through acknowledged programs and international accreditation;
  • you believe that learning is not just at school but, partnering with the parents and the community, we should strive to create an engaging 24/7 learning environment for our students;
  • you constantly reflect on your teaching, seek input from colleagues and students’, and integrate innovation into the learning process in and around your classroom;
  • you strive to (co-)create new structures and approaches, integrate varied learning methodologies to offer students the best possible learning experience; and
  • you, and this is important, deeply care to help yourself, your colleagues and each individual student to achieve her/ his personal aspiration and potential.

Jobs in Portugal teaching english – United Lisbon International School is hiring

  • IB / High School Science Teacher
  • Middle School Maths Teacher
  • IB Economics Teacher

Whether you are an experienced teacher, an administrative professional, or a support staff member, we have jobs in Portugal teaching english that may be of interest to you.

To view our jobs in Portugal teaching english vacancies and submit an application, we encourage you to visit our page on the TES platform.

The TES platform is a user-friendly platform that provides job seekers with an easy and efficient way to search for and apply to positions.

At United Lisbon International School, we are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse environment where all individuals feel valued and supported. We offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits packages, and opportunities for professional growth and development. We are looking for individuals who share our passion for education and are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of our students.

If you are interested in more jobs in Portugal teaching english, we encourage you to visit our page. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about how you can contribute to our school community.

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