Agriculture job vacancy in Portugal: Recruitment of multipurpose workers, accommodation included

Agriculture job vacancy in Portugal

Gi Group currently has an agriculture job vacancy in Portugal. The company is part of Gi Group Holding, which operates in the areas of temporary work, permanent placement, outsourcing, recruitment and selection, consulting, and human resources training, as well as in other complementary areas.

Thanks to its direct presence in more than 30 countries, Gi Group has more than 3,900 employees spread over more than 650 branches.

Considered globally as one of the largest recruitment companies by staffing industry analysts, the group is also a global corporate member of WEC, the International Confederation of Private Employment Agencies.

Through the diversity of its clients, the Group has developed strong knowledge and specialisation in global personnel needs for multinational and large organisations, in which it has implemented differentiating solutions (site managed services and assessment centres, among others) through specialised departments and dedicated teams. , both locally and internationally.

Agriculture job vacancy in Portugal: Recruitment of multipurpose workers

Are you interested in agriculture? This agriculture job vacancy in Portugal could be yours! Our client is a prestigious company and is hiring Multipurpose Harvest Operators (M/F) for the Peso da Régua area:


  • Carry out grape harvesting;
  • Monitoring and control of musts and wines;
  • Filling vats and other similar functions;

REQUIREMENTS: Agriculture job vacancy in Portugal:

  • Residence close to the area (Peso da Régua);
  • Ability to work in a team;
  • Total and immediate availability;
  • Availability to carry out specific work, expected to last one month


  • Base salary of €760;
  • Food Allowance: €6.00/day;

We look forward to your application! To apply for this agriculture job vacancy in Portugal, please check the recruitment page (page in Portuguese).

What is it like to work in agriculture in Portugal?

An agriculture job vacancy in Portugal, like a farmer work in Lisbon, can offer a unique and rewarding experience, but it also comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. Here are some key aspects of what it’s like to work in agriculture in Portugal:

  1. Climate and Seasons: Portugal’s Mediterranean climate can be quite favourable for agriculture. The country experiences mild winters and hot, dry summers in most regions, which is suitable for a wide range of crops. However, the seasonal nature of agriculture means that workloads can vary significantly throughout the year.
  2. Variety of Agriculture: Portugal has a diverse agricultural sector, producing a range of crops such as wine, olives, cork, fruits, and vegetables. Viticulture (wine production) is particularly significant, with many vineyards and wineries across the country.
  3. Rural Lifestyle: Many agricultural jobs in Portugal are located in rural areas, offering a more relaxed and rural lifestyle compared to urban centres. This can be appealing to those who enjoy the countryside and a slower pace of life.
  4. Labour Intensity: Some aspects of agriculture job vacancies in Portugal, such as harvesting fruits or vegetables, can be labor-intensive and physically demanding. It’s important to be prepared for physically demanding tasks if you plan to work in the field.
  5. Technological Advancements: Portugal has been adopting modern farming techniques and technology to increase efficiency and productivity in agriculture. This means that some agricultural jobs may require knowledge of machinery and technology.
  6. Seasonal Employment: Many agricultural jobs in Portugal are seasonal, which means you may find temporary work during the planting and harvesting seasons. Seasonal employment can be a good way to gain experience or supplement your income, but it may not provide year-round stability.
  7. Language: Depending on the region and the type of work, knowledge of Portuguese may be essential for effective communication, especially in rural areas where English or other foreign languages may not be as commonly spoken.
  8. Market Demand: The demand for agricultural products can vary, so it’s essential to research the specific sector and market conditions you are interested in. Some products, like wine and cork, have stable markets, while others may be more subject to price fluctuations.
  9. Regulations: Familiarise yourself with local agricultural regulations, permits, and licencing requirements, especially if you plan to start your agricultural venture.

Overall, agriculture job vacancies in Portugal can offer a fulfilling connection to the land, a rural lifestyle, and opportunities to work with a variety of crops and products. However, it’s essential to research and plan accordingly, considering the specific sector and region in which you intend to work.

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