Agriculture jobs in Portugal – Company is hiring 11 berry packers with free accommodation

agriculture jobs in portugal

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Agriculture jobs in Portugal: Berry Packer

Job Location: Portugal

Vacancies: 11 M/F

Job Type: Full Time

Salary: 800–1000 €/month

Shift: Day

Start Date: as soon as possible

Period Of Employment: 1 Year

Berries Packer Duties of the Packer: Packing raspberries in baskets.

Working conditions: Farmer work in Lisbon, Porto and other locations

Official employment; salary 800–1000 €/month; living at the expense of the employer, near the place of work; food at your own expense. More about vacancies Number of hours: from 40 to 48 per week. Scheduled work. Official employment and accommodation are free.

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What kind of agriculture jobs in Portugal are there?

Agriculture jobs in Portugal offer a diverse range of opportunities within a sector that plays a significant role in the country’s economy and cultural heritage.

  1. Farming and Crop Cultivation: Portugal has a diverse climate, allowing for the cultivation of a wide range of crops. Jobs in this sector include those of farmers, farm managers, and agricultural workers responsible for planting, harvesting, and maintaining crops like cereals, grapes, olives, and citrus fruits. Vineyards in regions like the Douro Valley produce renowned wines.
  2. Livestock Farming: Livestock farming is another vital aspect of Portuguese agriculture. This includes dairy farming, poultry farming, and raising cattle, sheep, and goats. Jobs involve animal care, feeding, and maintaining farm facilities.
  3. Forestry: Portugal has extensive forests, particularly in the northern regions. Forestry jobs entail managing and conserving these forests, including tasks like logging, tree planting, and fire prevention.
  4. Agribusiness and Agro-industry: Agribusiness companies in Portugal offer various roles in areas like food processing, packaging, and distribution. Jobs range from food scientists and quality control specialists to production managers and logistics coordinators.
  5. Wine and Olive Oil Production: Portugal is renowned for its wine and olive oil production. Employment opportunities exist in vineyards and olive groves, with positions such as vineyard workers, cellar masters, and olive oil press operators.
  6. Agricultural Research and Development: Research institutions and universities in Portugal are actively involved in agricultural research. Positions in this field include those of agricultural scientists, researchers, and educators who work on improving farming techniques, crop varieties, and sustainability practices.
  7. Agricultural Technology and Equipment: With the increasing adoption of technology in agriculture, there’s a demand for professionals in agtech. This includes jobs related to designing, selling, and servicing agricultural machinery, as well as developing agricultural software and precision farming technologies.
  8. Farm Management and Consulting: Farm management and consulting firms provide expertise to farmers on optimizing their operations. Jobs involve offering advice on crop selection, yield improvement, financial management, and sustainability practices.
  9. Government and Regulatory Bodies: Government agencies oversee agricultural policies and regulations. Positions within these organizations include those of agricultural inspectors, policy analysts, and administrators who ensure compliance with local and EU agricultural standards.
  10. Seasonal Labor: Many agriculture jobs in Portugal are seasonal, especially during planting and harvest periods. These agriculture jobs in portugal are often filled by temporary or migrant workers.
  11. Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming: Portugal is increasingly focusing on sustainable and organic farming practices. Jobs in this sector involve organic certification, permaculture design, and promoting eco-friendly agriculture.
  12. Agri-tourism: Some farms in Portugal engage in agri-tourism, offering tours, accommodations, and educational experiences to visitors. This provides additional opportunities for hospitality and tourism-related jobs on farms.

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