Job agency in Lisbon: launching your career in Portuguese capital, know the top agencies for foreigners 

job agency in Lisbon

Find out the best job agency in Lisbon for you. Finding employment in a new country can be a daunting task, especially for foreigners with limited qualifications. Lisbon, a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, has several job agencies that specialize in helping such individuals find work.

Job agency in Lisbon: know the top agencies for foreigners 

Lisbon’s job market can be tricky for foreigners, so consider top agencies like Michael Page, The Adecco Group and others job agency in Lisbon. They specialize in placing foreigners and even offer entry-level roles in administration, customer service, and logistics. With personalized attention and diverse opportunities, these agencies can help you launch your Lisbon career, even with limited qualifications.

Here are the top 10 job agencies in Lisbon that cater to foreigners with few qualifications, including their URLs, addresses, and contact information:

  1. Randstad Portugal
    • Website: Randstad
    • Address: Avenida da República 26, 1069-228 Lisboa
    • Job agency in Lisbon Contact: +351 21 330 2700 Randstad offers a wide range of temporary and permanent job placements. They are known for their inclusive approach and have specific programs for assisting immigrants and people with fewer qualifications.
  2. Adecco Portugal
    • Website: Adecco
    • Address: Av. da República 90, 1600-206 Lisboa
    • Job agency in Lisbon Contact: +351 21 358 6670 Adecco operates globally and in Lisbon, they provide extensive support to foreigners, offering roles in various industries that do not require high qualification levels.
  3. Kelly Services
    • Website: Kelly Services
    • Address: Avenida da Liberdade 110, 1269-046 Lisboa
    • Job agency in Lisbon Contact: +351 21 350 0110 Kelly Services is renowned for providing job opportunities in sectors like hospitality and retail, which often have openings for less qualified workers.
  4. ManpowerGroup Portugal
    • Website: Manpower
    • Address: Rua Braamcamp 40, 1250-051 Lisboa
    • Job agency in Lisbon Contact: +351 21 330 8400 Manpower excels in offering temporary and permanent jobs across various sectors, with many opportunities for those without advanced qualifications.
  5. Hays Recruiting Experts Worldwide
    • Website: Hays
    • Address: Avenida da República 90, 1º andar, 1600-206 Lisboa
    • Job agency in Lisbon Contact: +351 21 782 6100 While Hays typically focuses on specialized roles, they also have divisions that help less qualified individuals, particularly in areas like construction and administrative support.
  6. Michael Page Portugal
    • Website: Michael Page
    • Address: Av. da Liberdade 180 A, 1250-146 Lisboa
    • Job agency in Lisbon Contact: +351 21 319 7500 Known for recruitment in middle to high-level positions, Michael Page also assists in finding entry-level roles suitable for foreigners starting out in their career paths in Lisbon.
  7. Synergie
    • Website: Synergie
    • Address: Praça Duque de Saldanha 1, Edifício Atrium Saldanha, Piso 3, Fração H, 1050-094 Lisboa
    • Job agency in Lisbon Contact: +351 21 324 2700 Synergie offers temporary and permanent employment solutions, with a particular focus on industrial, construction, and service sectors, ideal for those with limited qualifications.
  8. Egor
    • Website: Egor
    • Address: Av. 5 de Outubro 10, 1050-056 Lisboa
    • Job agency in Lisbon Contact: +351 21 799 9060 Egor is involved in both temporary and permanent staffing solutions across various sectors and is quite accessible for foreigners looking to start their careers in Lisbon.
  9. Eurofirms
    • Website: Eurofirms
    • Address: Avenida João Crisóstomo 30, 5º esq., 1050-127 Lisboa
    • Job agency in Lisbon Contact: +351 21 145 4242 Eurofirms, a Spanish company with a strong presence in Portugal, focuses on transparency and respect for workers, providing numerous opportunities for less qualified workers in industries such as logistics and manufacturing.
  10. Gi Group
    • Website: Gi Group
    • Address: Avenida Almirante Reis 113, 1º andar, 1150-015 Lisboa
    • Job agency in Lisbon Contact: +351 21 716 4000 Gi Group provides recruitment services mainly for industrial and driving jobs, offering many entry-level positions that require few qualifications.

These agencies are well-equipped to assist foreigners in finding suitable employment in Lisbon, particularly those with fewer qualifications. They offer resources, guidance, and support throughout the job-seeking process, making the transition into the Lisbon job market smoother and more accessible.

Is it worth it for a foreigner to go to a job agency in Lisbon?

Yes, for many foreigners, a job agency in Lisbon can be a very worthwhile option. Here’s why:

Advantages for Foreigners:

  • Overcome Language Barriers: Job agencies often have staff who speak multiple languages, making communication easier and smoother.
  • Navigate the System: They can guide you through the application process, which might differ from what you’re used to.
  • Foreigner-Focused Support: Some agencies specialize in placing foreigners, understanding the challenges you face (e.g., visas, work permits).
  • Access to Hidden Jobs: Agencies have a wider network of companies and may find opportunities you wouldn’t discover on your own.
  • Level Up Your Skills: Some offer resume writing and interview prep workshops, boosting your candidacy.

Foreigner-Friendly Agencies:

  • Michael Page: Global leader with entry-level roles (administration, customer service).
  • The Adecco Group: International powerhouse offering temporary, permanent placements & training.
  • Staff Finder: Personalized service connecting you with logistics, manufacturing, retail positions (even with limited qualifications).

Consider Other Options If:

  • Strong Portuguese & Network: You’re fluent and have connections in Lisbon, allowing for direct applications.
  • Specific Companies: You have target companies and can apply directly.
  • Comfortable Online Search: You’re familiar with navigating online job boards.

The Verdict:

A job agency can significantly boost your chances, especially if you’re new to Lisbon or have limited qualifications. They offer valuable guidance and access to a wider job market. While there might be fees, the potential benefits often outweigh the costs.

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