Employment cleaning company – PrimeClean is hiring for domestic services

Employment cleaning company

Having a clean space is very important. Finding the time to do this cleaning is more difficult, especially with all the tasks and priorities that exist in your day-to-day life. Prime Clean is a employment cleaning company, a franchised network of domestic and commercial cleaning services, whose mission is to develop quality cleaning services at the best prices.

We take full care and attention in recruiting and selecting employees for our professional cleaning teams. All employees are trained in the Prime Clean cleaning method, their suitability is checked, services are insured against accidents, and we guarantee their full satisfaction.

If something is not agreed upon, the commercial technician responsible for the area will go to the place within the first 24 hours and prove the dissatisfaction. The service will be rectified without any cost or charge.

Employment cleaning company PrimeClean is hiring

Nowadays, knowing the current economic climate of our country, it is becoming more difficult to get a job. However, not all have difficulties!

If you like domestic cleaning services, like dishwasher work and if you have the will to change and let yourself be moulded by us, you can be part of the Prime Clean family, an employment cleaning company!

  • Competitive salary;
  • Flexible schedule;
  • Continuing professional training
  • Company vehicle for work displacement;
  • Career opportunity in cleaning service;
  • Pleasant work environment.

Regardless of the location in the country where you are, if you want to explore the opportunities of work in the cleaning service with Prime Clean, fill the form. Later, we will contact you.

To apply to this employment cleaning company, use the recruitment page.

Not interested in these jobs? You still have plenty of offers; please check also for other available cleaning jobs. Also, follow our facebook page to check out the latest available jobs.

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