Factory jobs in Portugal: Eurofirms is hiring workers for 232 vacancies and diferent roles

Factory jobs in Portugal

Eurofirms has several available factory jobs in Portugal. The company is a prominent human resources company with a robust presence in Portugal, providing comprehensive employment solutions to both businesses and job seekers.

Founded in Spain, the company has expanded its operations across the Iberian Peninsula, emphasizing a commitment to innovation and quality in staffing services. In Portugal, Eurofirms operates through a network of branches strategically located across the country, ensuring wide geographical coverage and accessibility.

The company’s philosophy in Portugal is centered on respecting people and their roles in the workforce, which is reflected in its ethical approach to recruitment and employment. Eurofirms offers a variety of services, including temporary staffing, permanent recruitment, and training, tailored to the diverse needs of the Portuguese market.

They are known for leveraging advanced technology and human expertise to match the right candidates with the right roles, enhancing both employee satisfaction and organizational productivity, and have many available factory jobs in Portugal.

Eurofirms’ success in Portugal can also be attributed to its customer-centric approach, focusing on understanding the unique needs of local businesses and adapting their services accordingly. This strategy has enabled Eurofirms to become a trusted partner in the Portuguese job market, contributing positively to the country’s employment landscape.

Factory jobs in Portugal: Eurofirms is hiring 232 workers

The factory jobs in Portugal through Eurofirms offer a range of opportunities for workers in the industrial sector. Eurofirms, a leading staffing agency, connects skilled individuals with roles in various manufacturing settings, from food production to automotive assembly. These positions often involve operating machinery, quality control, and logistical support within facilities.

Eurofirms provides factory jobs in Portugal that are temporary, permanent, and contract-based placements, ensuring that candidates find roles suited to their skills and career aspirations.

Their extensive network across factory jobs in Portugal helps streamline the employment process, making it efficient for both job seekers and employers looking to bolster their workforce with reliable, skilled labor.

  • Machine Tuner (M/F) – Braga, Pousa
  • Customer Support Assistant (M/F) – Sintra
  • Production Assistant (M/F) – Mortágua, Leiria, Murtede
  • Warehouse Assistant (M/F) – Murtede
  • Loader (M/F) – Maia, Póvoa de Santa Iria
  • CNC Operator (M/F) – Leiria
  • Graphic Arts Operator (M/F) – Spain
  • Logistics Operator (M/F) – Porto Alto/Samora Correia
  • Chemical Worker (M/F) – Azambuja
  • Maintenance Technician (M/F) – Carregado
  • Team Leader (M/F) – Sernancelhe
  • Belt Maker (M/F) – Loureiro
  • B2B Salesperson (M/F) – Porto
  • Forklift Operator (M/F) – Leiria
  • Goods Checker (M/F) – Carregado, Grijó (Night), Setúbal
  • Costumer Service (M/F) – English and Dutch
  • Sewing Machine Operator (M/F) – Nelas
  • Dutch Speaking Customer Specialist (M/F) – Lisbon, Porto
  • Electromechanic (M/F) – Carregosa
  • Warehouse Employee (M/F) – Alverca do Ribatejo
  • Shop Assistant (M/F) – Loulé, Guia, Coimbra
  • Farm Worker (M/F) – Pegões
  • Norwegian Speaking Customer Specialist (M/F) – Porto (with a disability), Porto
  • Warehouse Clerk (M/F) – Carregosa
  • Call Center Operator – Outbound (M/F) – Lisbon
  • Call Center Operator (M/F) – Lisbon
  • Cargo Loader/Unloader (M/F) – Ribeirão
  • Ceramics Operator (M/F) – Trajouce
  • CNC Operator (M/F) – Oiã, Trofa
  • Co-Packing Operator (M/F) – Sintra, Vila Nova da Rainha
  • Crop Operator (M/F) – Cantanhede
  • Bending Machine Operator (M/F) – Barrô
  • Packaging Operator (M/F) – Bragança, Esposende, Fafe
  • Forklift Operator (M/F) – Coimbra, Lisbon, Setúbal, Sintra, Valongo, Viana do Castelo, Vila Nova de Gaia, Valença
  • Filling Machine Operator (M/F) – Romariz
  • Port Equipment Operator (M/F) – Ilha Terceira
  • Equipment Operator (M/F) – Viana do Castelo
  • Heavy Equipment Operator (M/F) – Lagoa, São Domingos de Rana
  • Labeling Operator (M/F) – São Pedro do Sul
  • Shipping Operator (M/F) – Águeda, Sintra
  • Foundry Operator (M/F) – Santa Maria da Feira
  • Printing Machine Operator (M/F) – Coimbra
  • Infrastructure Operator (M/F) – Viana do Castelo
  • Laboratory Technician (M/F) – Neiva
  • Cleaning Operator (M/F) – Marinha Grande
  • Industrial Cleaning Operator (M/F) – Anadia, Oliveira de Frades
  • Cleaning Staff (M/F) – Santarém
  • Cutting Line Operator (M/F) – Loureiro
  • Production Line Operator (M/F) – Neiva
  • Retail Store Operator (M/F) – Amadora, Lisbon, Montijo, Oeiras, Porto, Sintra, Vilarinho do Bairro
  • Clothing Store Operator (M/F) – Lisbon
  • Maintenance Worker (M/F) – Alcobaça
  • Machine Maintenance Operator (M/F) – Pegões
  • CNC Machine Operator (M/F) – Águeda
  • Plastic Injection Molding Machine Operator (M/F) – Aguada de Cima
  • Press Machine Operator (M/F) – Vale de Cambra
  • Machine Operator (M/F) – Águeda, Alcochete, Alpiarça, Arcozelo, Cortegaça, Mem Martins, Sintra, Vila Nova de Gaia
  • Heavy Machine Operator (M/F) – Valongo
  • Assembly Operator (M/F) – Sintra
  • Industrial Assembly Operator (M/F) – Vila Nova de Gaia
  • Front-End Loader Operator (M/F) – Figueira da Foz

For more information about these factory jobs in Portugal or to submit an application using the application form, you can check the application page (page in portuguese).

About factory jobs in Portugal

Portugal’s manufacturing sector offers a variety of opportunities for those seeking factory jobs. Jobs range from specialized positions requiring technical expertise to entry-level roles ideal for those starting their careers.

In the heart of the industry, CNC operators utilize computer-controlled machines, while chemical workers handle production with precision. Skilled individuals can find their niche as electricians, maintaining electrical systems, or belt makers, crafting crucial components.

There are many types of available factory jobs in Portugal. Beyond technical roles, factory work offers a multitude of options. Production assistants work on assembly lines, ensuring smooth operation. Forklift operators keep the flow of materials moving, and warehouse assistants play a vital role in storage and logistics.

The demand extends beyond production. Quality control ensures products meet standards, while packaging operators prepare goods for shipment. For those with a customer service focus, some factories offer roles interacting with clients.

Factory jobs in Portugal offer competitive salaries and opportunities for growth within companies. With a focus on automation and technological advancements, the sector is evolving, requiring a skilled workforce. So, whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, Portugal’s factory floors offer a diverse and promising path.

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