Gardener jobs in Portugal: Horto do Campo Grande is hiring

Gardener jobs in Portugal

Horto do Campo Grande has gardener jobs in Portugal, they are one of the leading companies in Portugal in the construction and maintenance of green spaces. If you have a dynamic teamwork spirit and a desire to learn more, join us.

Founded in 1979, today it is one of the largest and most prestigious Gardening companies in the country, with 3 Gardening centers, two stores and own nurseries, Recognized in the gardening sector for its technical capacity, innovation and the final quality of all the work carried out , Horto do Campo Grande has a vast multidisciplinary technical team of professionals.

Areas of Activity
At Horto do Campo Grande we offer design, construction and maintenance services for green spaces. In our centers you can also buy plants, flowers and a wide range of gardening and decoration accessories.

The management body of Horto do Campo Grande is the Board of Directors.
In addition to this formal management body, there is the General Management, which, with a vision based on the understanding of today’s competitive market, has the mission of ensuring the effective sharing of skills and capabilities and the coordination of all activities carried out in the various departments, in a integrated, always focusing on total customer satisfaction.

Our organization
Recognized in the Gardening sector for its technical capacity, innovation and the final quality of all the work carried out, at Horto do Campo Grande we have a team with more than 180 highly qualified employees, made up of Landscape Architects, Engineers, Decorators and Gardeners who with a vast experience in developing landscape projects, construction and maintenance of gardens that adapt to each client’s dreams.

Gardener jobs in Portugal: Horto do Campo Grande is hiring in Lisbon

We are Recruiting: Assistant / Gardener for Exterior Maintenance

Requirements: Basic knowledge 

We give preference to those who have a driving license.

To apply, send a spontaneous application by email to [email protected] with your CV or description of your experience and a brief description of your motivations.

About Gardener jobs in Portugal

Gardener jobs in Portugal offer a unique opportunity to work in one of Europe’s most picturesque and diverse landscapes. Portugal’s temperate climate and rich horticultural tradition make it an ideal destination for those with a green thumb. Gardener jobs in Portugal can offer a range of responsibilities, including landscape design, planting, pruning, and maintenance of both residential and commercial properties.

One of the perks of working as a gardener in Portugal is the chance to immerse oneself in the country’s natural beauty. From the lush vineyards of the Douro Valley to the vibrant gardens of Lisbon’s palaces, there is no shortage of inspiring environments to work in. Moreover, Portugal’s commitment to sustainable and organic gardening practices is on the rise, providing opportunities for gardeners interested in eco-friendly landscaping.

While formal qualifications may not be mandatory, experience and knowledge in horticulture and landscaping are valuable assets. Many employers also seek candidates with a strong work ethic, as gardening can be physically demanding.

The demand for skilled gardeners in Portugal remains steady, with opportunities available in cities like Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve region, as well as in rural areas. Salaries for gardeners in Portugal vary depending on experience and location but are generally competitive within the European context.

Overall, gardener jobs in Portugal offer the chance to combine a love for the outdoors with a rewarding career in a country renowned for its natural beauty and cultural heritage.

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