Portugal agriculture work: Rota Unica is hiring workers in the Alentejo region for several farm tasks.

Portugal agriculture work

Rota Unica is an agricultural company located in Alentejo, Portugal, with specialty crop production done differently.

Portugal agriculture work – Rota Unica is hiring



  • Support for various field operations;
  • Implementation of irrigation-related tasks;
  • Logistical support;
  • Use and support in the maintenance of machines to support operations.


  • Previous experience in agricultural work
  • Resident in the working area;
  • Fitness and taste for field work;
  • Proactive, dynamic, and resilient;
  • High sense of responsibility;
  • Own transport for home-heritage travel
  • Knowledge and experience in handling agricultural machinery.


  • Direct recruitment
  • Remuneration according to demonstrated experience;
  • Growing project integration

It you are interested in this Portugal agriculture work send your CV to danielahigino@rotaunica.com.

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Know more about agriculture work in Aljustrel – Alentejo

Aljustrel is a town located in the Alentejo. Portugal agriculture work in Aljustrel, like in many other parts of Portugal, plays a significant role in the local economy and culture. Here are some key points about agriculture in the Aljustrel region:

  1. Crops: The Alentejo region, including Aljustrel, is known for its agricultural activities. Common crops grown in this region include cereals such as wheat and barley, olives for olive oil production, grapes for wine production, cork oak trees for cork production, and various vegetables.
  2. Olive Oil: Olive cultivation is a significant agricultural activity in Aljustrel. Olive oil from this region is highly regarded for its quality. The Mediterranean climate and fertile soils in the area are favorable for olive tree cultivation.
  3. Wine Production: Alentejo is one of Portugal’s renowned wine regions, and Aljustrel may have its share of vineyards. Local wineries produce both red and white wines, and some are known for their high-quality wines.
  4. Cork Production: The Alentejo region is famous for cork oak forests, and Aljustrel might have cork production activities as well. Cork oak trees are harvested for their cork bark, which is used for various products, including wine stoppers.
  5. Livestock Farming: Portugal agriculture work, besides crop farming, livestock farming is also common in the region. This includes the raising of cattle, sheep, and pigs.
  6. Agricultural Traditions: The traditional farming methods and cultural practices related to agriculture are an important part of the region’s heritage. Many families have a long history of farming in Aljustrel.
  7. Modernization: Like in many other parts of the world, agriculture in Aljustrel has seen modernization and mechanization in recent decades. This has led to increased efficiency and productivity.
  8. Economic Impact: Portugal agriculture work, along with mining and other economic activities, contributes to the local economy of Aljustrel. It provides employment opportunities for local residents and supports the livelihoods of many families.

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